Innovations in Tribal Housing – Presentation December 1, 2016 in CAVC Atrium

Innovations in Tribal Housing
Innovations in Tribal Housing

Innovations in Tribal House, a presentation of course findings.  December 1, 2016 in the College Avenue Commons 3rd floor atrium.

We welcome you to the Del E. Webb School of Construction to celebrate the results of a new course:

Community-Based Design: Innovations in Tribal Housing (Con 598: Indigenous Project Delivery).

The aim of the course is to investigate affordable, sustainable, energy efficient, and culturally-responsive housing prototypes. The course is a result of collaborations with two Arizona communities, Gila River and Tolani Lake. While each community had different objectives, both were interested in exploring residential construction as an economic generator through self-build, local materials and/or training opportunities.

With the student work on display, we hope to begin a dialogue regarding tribal housing in terms of performance, cost, design, project delivery, innovative materials and alternative energy.  Both Gila River and Tolani Lake will be in attendance. We welcome your input and feedback.

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