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Innovations in Tribal Housing – Presentation December 1, 2016 in CAVC Atrium

Innovations in Tribal Housing
Innovations in Tribal Housing

Innovations in Tribal House, a presentation of course findings.  December 1, 2016 in the College Avenue Commons 3rd floor atrium.

We welcome you to the Del E. Webb School of Construction to celebrate the results of a new course:

Community-Based Design: Innovations in Tribal Housing (Con 598: Indigenous Project Delivery).

The aim of the course is to investigate affordable, sustainable, energy efficient, and culturally-responsive housing prototypes. The course is a result of collaborations with two Arizona communities, Gila River and Tolani Lake. While each community had different objectives, both were interested in exploring residential construction as an economic generator through self-build, local materials and/or training opportunities.

With the student work on display, we hope to begin a dialogue regarding tribal housing in terms of performance, cost, design, project delivery, innovative materials and alternative energy.  Both Gila River and Tolani Lake will be in attendance. We welcome your input and feedback.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to:

Also, save the date for Construction in Indian Country Conference, April 17 – 19, 2017.

Construction IAC – General Meeting [8-27-2015]

Thank you to all our industry and alumni that attended the Construction Industry Advisory Council meeting yesterday (8/27/15).

There were a a number of excellent updates that included Whitney Hatfield’s overview of fall student recruitment activities and how the individuals, and companies, can get involved.  Her handout is linked here – Industry-Participant Flyer.  She also discussed the significant increase in undergraduate student enrollment. Unofficial numbers show a 30% increase in the undergraduate construction management program.  The CM Master’s program increased 40% and construction engineering undergraduates increased 11%.  This should help with with recruitment opportunities in the next 2 to 3 years.

Adding to the pool of candidates will be students taking advantage of the minor in construction.  We are currently tracking 35 students taking courses to fulfill the minor.

Lisa Hogle provided an update on the OSHA OTI program and current courses and certificate programs coming online.  More information available at

The group activity involved the new ACCE student outcomes for construction management programs.  DEWSC will refine the course curriculum to align with outcomes established by the faculty and industry feedback.  Dr. Chasey is currently distributing an outcomes survey to identify essential areas within the 20 outcomes established by ACCE.  The survey is available for download here – Industry Outcomes Survey .  Responses can be emailed directly to Dr. Allan Chasey.

Interested in joining the Construction Industry Advisory Council?  Download the registration form here – Construction IAC Membership Form 2015.  You will get plugged into all of the activities at the Del E. Webb School of Construction and can save up to $1,420 in recruitment activities each academic year.

Construction Internships Summer 2012 Employment Data

I finished compiling all of the summer internship data for students within the Del E. Webb School of Construction.  This is the 10th year since the School implemented the first mandatory internship.  Students currently enrolled in the undergraduate program are required to complete two (2) internships to graduate.  CON 296 is our field internship which focuses on day to day field operations as it pertains to their concentration.  CON 484 management internship is more flexible in that they can mix experiences as it is best applies to their career aspirations and their curriculum concentration.

More details will come as students complete and submit their field journals (CON 296) and 10 page reports (CON 484) and I receive evaluations from employers.   For now, I have information on compensation, location of experience and company sponsors.


Average Intern: $15.08, this is up from $14.60 last summer.
Average CON 296 Field Internship = $14.69.
Average CON 484 Management Internship = $15.90.
Total Pay Range: $10-26.44 (One unpaid with the Veterans Admin).

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